About Mild Plates

We are surrounded by Mild Steel products in our daily lives, but we hardly know anything about these products. MS plates are widely used in steel for construction, manufacturing, and engineering purposes. These MS products are extensively used in building structures, railways, equipment and many other applications.

The Mild Steel Plates exhibit excellent anit-corrosion, resistance to rust, tensile strength and the ability to withstand extreme conditions that make it ideal for diverse applications. 

Best Steel Companies in India Produce These MS Plates?

As the name suggests, mild steel is the major component of the MS Steel Plates. Mild steel is highly durable and exhibits tensile strength. Its presence content, followed by a standardized heating process, ensures high-quality MS plates. Laxmi Enterprise is a prominent Mild Steel plate supplier in Vadodara; we source our MS products from top MS manufacturing companies in India to ensure you get quality products and value for your money.

Two Major Methods by Which Mild Plates Are Produced:

  • Primary Steel Making
  • Secondary Steel Making 

Feature of Ms Plates

The Mild Steel plates display excellent beneficial features that make them suitable for various construction applications. Here are some of the main features.

#1. Tensile Strength

The major feature of MS plates is their tensile strength. Even after it is bent into a desirable shape, they do not break. We are an MS plate supplier in Vadodara that provides MS plates of top brands like TATA, SAIL and Jindal with exceptional strength suitable for flyovers and bridges. 

#2. Highly Durable 

Mild steel plates like chequered plates are extremely durable and have a long service life. Its anti-slip properties and exceptional foot traffic tolerance make it ideal for railway flooring. As a leading  MS Steel Supplier in Vadodara, we offer MS chequered plates and MS plates for premium quality. 

#3. Resistance

MS plates are highly resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and moisture. This MS steel product supplier in Vadodara provides MS plates for ship hull building, military vehicles and decks.

#4. Cost-effectiveness

Along with beneficial features, MS plates are cost-effective. This is because raw materials are inexpensive, and economies of scale lower costs of production. 

Laxmi Enterprise offers a comprehensive range of Mild steel products, including MS plates, MS beams, MS angles, and MS TMT bars. We also provide hot-colled mild steel sheets (HR Sheets) and cold-rolled mid-steel sheets (CR Sheets). To learn more about our MS products portfolio, call us today or request a quote. 

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We make it easy for our customers to order for any mildsteel material like pipe, channel, angle, beam, HR Sheet, CR sheet, TMT bars etc. We provide them according to their requirement at the best quality and cost also.

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