MS Flat Bar

Mild steel flat bars, also known as MS flat bars, are widely used by manufacturers to create cable trays, bright bar products, automobiles and auto-ancillaries, truck trailers, tippers, railways, elevators, and escalators. Experts believe that MS flat steel bars not only give items a better framework but also lower the overall cost of production. 

These flat bars are rolled at low temperatures, which give buildings more strength and rigidity. The MS steel bars help satisfy every requirement of the manufacturer in terms of quality due to their tensile strength, dependability, and durability. At Laxmi Enterprise, we offer MS steel product in Vadodara and across India of superior quality at the best prices. 

Length of Ms Flat Bar

A variety of options are available for flat bars. The typical range is between 12 and 100 mm, with thicknesses of 2.5mm, 2.0 mm, 3 mm, and 2.7 mm and a length of 6 m. The typical width and thickness of ASTM A276 flat bars are 25 to 33 mm and 1.2 to 150 mm, respectively. Before making a purchase, be sure to speak with your supplier. They will be able to advise you on the length of the flat bars that will best suit your requirements. 

Size of Ms Flat Bar 

We, Laxmi Enterprise flat bar supplier, provide mild steel flat bar. The sizes of MS flat bars come in an enormous variety. Among the most popular ones are 20*6, 20*5, 25*5, 25*3, 25*8, 25*6, 32*6, 32*8, 32*10, 32*12, 32*16, 40*3, 25*10, 25*12, 32*3, and 32*5.

Ms Flat Bar Weight

The MS flat bars’ weight varies with their size. Steel flat bar weights per meter (in kilograms per meter) are 0.790, 0.942, 0.600, 1.000, 1.197, 1.550, 1.998, 1.499, 2.202, 2.802, 3.297, 4.403, 0.899, 2.398, 0.798, and 1.296.


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